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Don't hire based on CV

Don’t select candidates based on their CVs. Neither based on a 10-minute telephone screening. Neither on 45-minute interview with a “Senior Consultant”. Neither on tests filled by candidates.

Use strong diagnostics

Use our international team of leading experts and our own know-how. Work with the most advanced and cutting-edge diagnostics used by some technology companies or security sector. Select candidates based on unchangeable human traits and predispositions. It is the absolute basic element for any effective work with people.

Verified know-how

Let specialists in areas of big data, artificial intelligence and human behavior work for you. More than 20 years of experience in consulting, data analysis and market research. International team that has experience from 9 countries and has conducted over 300,000 predisposition diagnostics.


Our Services

Personal audit

Do you really have the right people in the right place?

Executive search

How about choosing the right ones in the first round?

HR consulting

You understand your business better. We better understand people.


In this process, trial and error method is one of the biggest waste of resources.

Leaders diagnostics

Leaders in your company have a huge impact on results. “Get to know them.”

Frontline diagnostics

In many cases, 20% of frontline officers produce 80% of revenues. Think why.

  • I liked the fast reaction [client interviews in 6 days], full attention, and the most that all candidates were exactly what I looked for.

    CFO, international company
  • I’d say your ability to identify human traits are dangerously precise. It was high quality candidate selection and very accurate personal audit.

    large company
  • I can’t even imagine to hire key people the way we’d done it before. You just can’t compare it. Now we don’t waste time and energy with a bad hire.

    consulting firm

How we work

We never overpromise and we always deliver what is agreed. We guarantee the right choice of candidate based on the most advanced diagnostics of human predispositions. Read more about where is recruitment industry going.

Search and selection of candidates for your company is a personal and intimate issue for us. It is about partnership and mutual respect. We only go into projects that are designed for success from the very beginning.

We prefer to work with people who care about the right choice of candidate. That’s why the best results are achieved when owners or directors are involved from the introductory phase.

Our international team conducted hundred thousands of diagnostics in 9 countries. We work with the most advanced and cutting-edge diagnostics used by some of the largest technology companies today or security sector for example.




We connect to people in a way that allows us to literally see unconsious answers. These answers uncover given traits hiden deep inside them. However, these traits have effect on everything these people do.


By improving the proces of people selection or putting right people to right positions, any company can dramatically close the gap between average and total potential possible.


Size or structure of the company does not matter. You will see the positive results in your performance tables or directly at the office. Our goal is that you succeed in bringing your effort to its full potential.

  • Sometimes we were not able to assess people even after few months. The way you work is really exceptional.

  • Such in-depth findings are definitely competitive advantage for any business that depends on people.

    medium sized company
  • Although I was doubtful in the beginning… honestly I’ve never seen such an accuracy.

    multinational corporation

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