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“I liked your quick response [6 days], you paid full attention to our assignment, and, above all, I liked that all the candidates were what I was looking for.”

Alon Haver

Group CFO, Amos Luzon Development and Energy

For at least a year and a half, we have been unsuccessfully searching for candidates to fill certain positions … both ourselves and through agencies. Here, it only took a few days. We especially appreciate how fast we got from placing the order to finding the first suitable candidate.”

Mária Chudá

Financial and accounting department, SP.Plast

“My experience with Synerta Personnel has been more than positive. Within this cooperation, I highly appreciate not only the time savings in finding suitable candidates, but also the selection of candidates themselves. They all met the promised attributes, and an added bonus that pleasantly surprised me was their consistent personality dimension in terms of viability and dynamism, proactive approach, and each not only had a natural sense of responsibility and drive to work, but also the potential to find innovative solutions.

I really appreciate the professionalism with which Synerta Personnel dealt with our acute staffing problem in our institution. In particular, I appreciate the willingness to take immediate action in a crisis situation that was unpredictable, and consequently, its effective resolution and stabilization. Otherwise, the functioning of our key organizational unit would be jeopardized, but this could have an impact on the functioning of the entire institution.

The results of the cooperation with Synerta Personnel bore fruit even a year after the resolved personnel crisis situation, because each of the employed candidates proved to be extremely good in practice and, moreover, each of them is a stable support for the running of the institution even during the ongoing pandemic.

After my many-year-lasting management experience, I must recognize that such a flawless selection of candidates cannot be ensured by any manager in such an effective form and so successfully on their own, because they usually do not master advanced methods of talent search, communication techniques and psychological diagnostics of candidates. However, a consistent and professional diagnostic approach, which, thanks to the cooperation with Synerta Personnel, leads to a narrower selection of suitable candidates, is really a significant help for every top manager. The final selection of a candidate is then really simple for the client and, moreover, without the risk of mistakes.

Silvia Stasselová

Director general, The University Library in Bratislava

“We were extremely satisfied with the approach and services. Each candidate fulfilled, more or less, our assignment. Our choice was actually only about our personal preferences and feeling about the candidate. By far the biggest surprise was the speed with which the quality candidates were addressed and presented to us, which was calculated in days.”

Marek Lipa

Managing director, CEVO

“Prompt, discreet, but open – this is how I would describe the approach of Synerta, and especially that of Mr. Homola. I liked that, in addition to listening to my views and needs of who we were looking for, Mr. Homola was able to say his opinion openly and direct me so that we could really find the best candidate. I was positively surprised by the speed with which they set to work. Prompt and discreet communication was taken for granted. In a surprisingly short time, we found the right candidates for the position we were looking for. Thank you, and as we continue to grow, we will definitely need new colleagues in the future. In that case, I’ll be happy to contact Synerta again.”

Zuzana Benešová

Director, Donau farm

Before our collaboration started, we lost a month with a network recruitment agency without any relevant results. We aligned with the team in Synerta on Monday, we got the profiles of candidates on Thursday, and the next Tuesday we flew to Bratislava for interviews. I really appreciate the selection and evaluation of candidates. We found most of the candidates suitable … and we successfully accepted one of them.”

Ivan Ivanov

Director, Aerospace International Group

“At first, we tried to recruit ourselves, later through various agencies, but the cooperation with Synerta Personnel was obviously the most time-efficient. Quick selection of quality candidates, effective communication and a fair approach ensured a smooth recruitment.”

Milan Muňko

Co-founder, AI-MAPS

“We really appreciated the ways you advertise and describe the positions; it was also appreciated by the candidates themselves. Some of them told us that otherwise they would not have responded at all … it certainly goes beyond the standard practice. We also appreciate the fact that you pushed us to stay on top of it and kept the pace of the whole selection process. It was an important factor in making it all move towards a successful end. And as for the choice itself, it was exactly according to what we had in mind. For some positions we only needed to see the first candidate came and there was no need to send more. I think you can assess the needs of the client very well. You tuned in to our DNA very quickly.”

Eduard Kačík

Co-Founder, LIGHTECH

We are satisfied with the selected candidates. We also appreciate quick responses and flexibility. You nailed finding the right candidates and the positive impact of their work can already be seen.”

Zsolt Bóna

Co-owner, IN DESIGN

“After the personal meeting, your work started very quickly, just in a few days. Indeed, it really worked. We could easily choose from the candidates and we also saw a difference in the performance of selected candidates in practice. The whole process was taken very seriously and what was promised was kept… eventually, we even recruited more candidates. We will be happy to further recommend Synerta Personnel to our friends and we will definitely use your services for our new workplaces.”

Jana Trautenberger Ricová

Managing Director, T-GIO & PROTIME

“I have already become used to the fast and accurate candidate selection. Nevertheless, I am always surprised by the precision with which Synerta can create entire teams of people you can rely on at work.”

Marko Kolar

Founder, HEADS

“Overall, we liked the system. People who had both experience and prerequisites were sought and selected. We filled several positions, but for example, for one key position we cannot even imagine a better candidate. In another agency they sent us the first few candidates after two or three months, while we were already done with Synerta a long time ago.

Marsel Maksiutov

Co-owner, Ammek Industries

The whole process of finding and selecting candidates was quick and without anything superfluous. It met my expectations. I consider your team a very reliable partner.”

Diana Turkovičová

Owner, Bebe hair

“You helped us think about the position differently and define it accordingly. Targeting and selecting candidates was accurate and fast. We also appreciated the correctness and approach tailored to our needs.”

Michal Barila

Owner, VIAEU

“We appreciated the discretion in the situation concerned, professionalism and helpfulness when organizing the recruitment. The selection was relatively fast and achieved to meet our criteria for successfully filling the position. Everything was as it should be.”

Zuzana Zacharová

Co-owner, ADOM. M STUDIO (design factory)

“In cooperation with Synerta Personnel, s.r.o., I appreciate the commitment, promptness and sophistication of the solutions provided, as well as the number and relevance of the candidates presented. Mr. Homola was very willing to help us in defining the position in question, not only purely in terms of workload and experience, but also in terms of their personality.”

Michal Kukula

Managing partner, nebotra consulting

“In general, we were satisfied with the candidates. Everyone had something special and we really had a hard time choosing, because everyone suited us in different aspects. In the end, we selected one candidate who currently works for us and we are satisfied with him. Thank you for responding quickly to our requests and for selecting the candidates you have sent us. We were satisfied with your services and if we look for employees in the future, we will definitely contact you again.”

Silvia Sedláková


“Working with Synerta was a very positive surprise for us and a change compared to the ‘standard’ recruitment agencies, especially regarding the speed, flexibility, know-how of selecting candidates, personal analysis and detailed interest in the position being filled. In addition, Mr. Homola was also very accommodating towards us and I have also always received very positive feedback from candidates, of whom there were already dozens. Synerta has helped us to fill several positions not only within Slovakia, but also for HAVI in other EU member states, for which they deserve our thanks and motivation for future cooperation.”

Vladislav Gruca

Cluster CFO, HAVI Logistics

“We were surprised, very fast selection of high-quality candidates. We tried to do it ourselves before, now we see that we would not have had a chance to find and choose the candidates we employed.”

Ivo Vydra


“It was very professional and fast. It was flexible. Huge selection of candidates in a short amount of time taking into account the nature of the position being filled. Even though it was our first experience, if I search again, I will use your services again, and I will also recommend you to others. I also appreciate the proactivity to send candidates outside the general assignment… it was an excellent situation analysis. Which, in the end, proved to be a better solution in practice.”

Jana Mittmann

Regional head CEE & Global head of training, EXELTIS

I kind of feel like that with other recruitment agencies it was sometimes a complete shot in the dark. I liked all the candidates here. Each of the candidates was so qualified that I would like to have him in my company.”

Peter Krcho

Director & Co-owner, EXTEC

“Although I have had some doubts before we started – communication, openness and promptness convinced me. In addition, all doubts quickly dissolved when we saw the first candidates. We filled the vacancy successfully and quickly. I would definitely contact Synerta Personnel again a second time. The fact is that you are sending verified candidates and the client already meets a high-quality job applicant.

Diana Lekešová

Dental clinic owner, BS DENT

“When working with Synerta, we were very satisfied with the result. I think that we were probably also very lucky to find and choose such an exceptionally capable and talented person who has been successfully working for us for more than a year.”

Miloš Přib

Country Commercial Manager & member of the board, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings

When I compare it with previous experience, it was mainly flexibility, helpfulness and speed. And, of course, high-quality of the candidates, during this collaboration we successfully filled all vacant positions. We even let ourselves be convinced to talk to one candidate we would neither have chosen nor invited for an interview. Today he works for us [in a management position].”

Dana Cibulková

HR, ELEMENT a.s. (Balex Metal Group)

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism, but especially and what is completely unbelievable nowadays, for the speed with which you managed to find good candidates for the position we were looking for. To be frank, I did not rush into cooperation with you, I did not believe what you were saying. However, your actions convinced me. I believe that the selected candidates will be excellent even after the trial period. As is all your work so far. What you have promised, you have delivered. Good job!”

Patrik Hradecký

Managing director, TimeLine Business Systems

“Our collaboration with the agency was fast and efficient. The selected candidates were exactly what we were looking for, they are still working with us and we are very satisfied with them.”

Ivan Kodaj

Executive Director, SYNOT Games

“We really needed help, it was just before the season. We were in a difficult situation due to a lack of people. You found a key person in a few days and within two weeks he actually joined us. We were satisfied with the selection of the candidate and your services helped us a lot even from an economic point of view.”

Miroslav Mango

Owner, Mango Restaurant & Beach

“When we were looking for candidates in different regions, it was very difficult to choose at all and there were thousands of problems. During our first collaboration, I had a reference for you and I was not fully aware of everything you recommended me about choosing job applicants. At first, I did not find the recommended candidate suitable based on his CV. Today I see that this selected candidate is hard working, learns quickly and did not disappoint me.

Ondrej Kurek

Owner, KRAK

“It is obvious that you are professionals … significantly better than the competition, and you are aware of your own value. The candidate for the managerial position you filled for us is still proving to be a very good choice, even today, after months. When considering using external headhunting to fill a key position, I would definitely contact Synerta again.”

Igor Čaniga

CEO of Dobremobily & East West Trade

“I definitely view the collaboration very positively. You were flexible and able to respond very quickly. The communication was very effective and the selection of the candidate was fast and successful – the candidate still works for us, even today.”

Katarína Mišáková


“We contacted Synerta after our managerial position became vacant from one day to another. As we were looking for a healthcare manager with experience in the private sector, we were aware that without external help it would be very difficult to find such a person. Communication with the agency was to the point, constructive and we drafted the profile of our ideal candidate very quickly. But what surprised us the most was that Synerta really found such a person. After a few months, I see that in the classic selection process we analyse many times which of the candidates fits into our corporate culture the best. In cooperation with Synerta, we got a person who fit the position not only with his abilities but also fit perfectly as a human being.”

Peter Džupa

Co-owner, PETRAMED dental clinic

“I liked the approach that was different to other agencies. It was a targeted analytical approach. Already during the discussions about the position, there was a difference and a complete adaptation of the strategy to our situation. The difference was seen not only in the approach, but also in the result itself. I first took the time estimates with a grain of salt, as we had been trying to fill the position for a few months. But you did what you said. We even hired two candidates instead of one.

Marek Ragač

Managing director, SUNLIGHT medical systems

“Nowadays, there is a tendency to simplify, speed up, embellish and bend everything. Usually, this will be a problem in the long run. But business is done by people, and therefore, it is very important to understand the chemistry within the candidate’s direct team. You managed to achieve this, hands down. I liked that you initially invested energy and time to understand how we really perceive certain issues. Although it may have been more demanding and unusual compared to other agencies, it quickly paid off. I also appreciate that the deadlines were met and everything that was promised was also kept. We will definitely see each other again when we will need to fill other positions.”

František Houška

Managing Director CR & SR, HAVI Logistics

We were satisfied with the quality of the selected candidates also due to the low level of unemployment in the Bratislava region. We were also satisfied with the speed of the selection process. It all took a week or so.”

Pavel Budiš

Sales director & Co-owner, SIDIT NET

“After a few months, I deem the collaboration with Synerta to be effective. To us, the result is very important, and it is very good.

CEO & Founder, Vidadu

“From the very beginning, we saw that you know what you are doing and you are professionals at it. [The selected candidate] is really the right person in the right place. It is obvious that he knows what he is doing and has a feeling for this work.”

Erik Füle


“I liked that in the beginning everything was agreed on in one long meeting. And even thereafter, all the candidates that were introduced to us within two weeks met our requirements. It was really hard to choose. Finally, we reorganized the competencies and employed three candidates at once. It saved us a lot of time and we got high-quality people. We would work with Synerta Personnel in filling key positions again for sure.”

Radovan Čulák

CEO, Futuresoft

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